Top Recruitment Sectors for growth in 2015

So here we are nearly two years after I wrote Top 5 Recruitment Sectors to be in for next 5-10 years and unemployment was still rising across most of Europe and the UK economy flat-lining how things have changed for us. Today the Eurozone is stagnating but the UK has enjoyed a solid eighteen months of […]

Employers: Recruiters don’t steal your talent – you let it go!

It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to talent attraction. There is an ongoing war on talent and recruiters show no mercy when it comes to poaching staff. They will relentlessly hunt your prime talent in an effort to nail that candidate. They will think nothing of leaving you behind, wondering why your most capable […]

Skills shortage in construction hits crisis level

The British construction industry has exploded in recent years. The immediate and high jobs-to-skills ratio has caused a critical state of worry to the future of UK employment. Recruiters who specialise in sourcing these particular skill-sets have hit a crisis level; providing staff in an industry which has grown rapidly and unexpectedly is both challenging […]

Top 5 most sought after IT skill-sets right now