Ian Knowlson Speaks at NPA Worldwide Conference in Cyprus

Ian Knowlson Speaks at NPA Worldwide Conference in Cyprus


This week Ian Knowlson is speaking at the NPA Worldwide Conference in Larnaca Cyprus.

NPAworldwide has been connecting independent global recruiting firms to facilitate split placements. NPAworldwide is the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership of recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Ian will be presenting on speaking about – What will the world of employment and recruitment look like in 2020-2030? What changes are likely and unlikely? Will artificial intelligence and Bots replace everyone and everything? Will recruiters still have a job and if so what will that job look like?

Ian Knowlson will consider the plethora of industry reports and commentaries on the future of work and employment from such esteemed and notable personalities and organisations as Simon Sinek, Elon Musk, PWC, McKinseys, the REC and BIOR. He will discuss and help you draw conclusions on the future of employment 2020-2030.


With Ian you will start to make sense of the timeline ahead and how the landscape of employment/recruitment will change. You will start to understand which sectors are predicted to grow and which are forecast to decline. How this will impact both niche recruiters and large-scale global recruiters and the consequences that this will have for those of us planning to be working in the sector during this period.

So the delegates will be invited to join Ian and take a time machine into your future to see if it is one that fills you with dread and fear or wonder, awe and excitement.

Ian Knowlson to speak again at RecExpo on Future of Recruitment 2020-30

Ian Knowlson to speak again at RecExpo on Future of Recruitment 2020-30

Ian Knowlson will be speaking again this autumn at Recruitment Expo in Birmingham at the NEC 3rd and 4th October 2018 on his hugely popular talk on the Future of Recruitment 2020-30.

The session in January at Olympia was over subscribed so if you are keen to see the talk we would encourage you to book early.

To secure tickets follow the link below

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Ian Knowlson’s Talk – Future of Recruitment 2020-30 – Live on Youtube

Ian Knowlson’s Talk – Future of Recruitment 2020-30 – Live on Youtube

Earlier this year Ian Knowlson spoke at the Recruitment Expo at Olympia, London on the Future of the Recruitment Industry 2020-2030.

During the talk Ian discussed many topics including the future of recruitment for Managed Service Providers and Niche Agencies as well as the threats to their businesses future and the opportunities for them.

This week the entire talk was loaded up on to Youtube.

Click here to view the video

Coaching the recruitment managers of the future

Coaching the recruitment managers of the future

I’m delighted this week to be partnering with a national training provider to launch a new, higher-level management qualification for the recruitment sector.

Solvo Vir, based near Manchester, has a successful track record of delivering employee training programmes within organisations, upskilling their new and existing staff. Working closely with the team of trainers at Solvo vir, I will be leading workshops in Manchester and London. The icing on the cake is that businesses will be able to access funding to pay for all or part of the training.

The new ILM-accredited management training will be looking at management theory, skills and processes through the lens of a manager in the recruitment industry, with industry-relevant examples, tasks and scenarios. We believe this is a first for the industry and in such a competitive sector, for this to be very well-subscribed.

Whilst any good management coach will have deep understanding of management theories and can bring to bear examples from their own management experience, few would understand, for example, the complexities of corporate resourcing and constructing a high return client! Working closely with Solvo Vir’s own management trainers and assessors, I will be bringing real life examples of management in the recruitment industry into the training sessions.

How can business get funding for this training?

The management training course for recruiters is being offered under the banner of apprenticeship training, effectively integrating study with ‘on the job’ learning. The government approved funding for recruitment industry qualifications in December 2017, meaning that organisations which are now subject to the Apprenticeship Levy can use those funds to pay for the training. Smaller businesses can access substantial government funding to cover the majority of the cost.

If you would like to know more or are interested feel free to contact myself Ian Knowlson on 07552 555858 or Dominic Abubakar at Solvo Vir on 0330 200539140

The ILM Level 5 Management Qualification for Recruiters will be running in London and Manchester starting April 2018. www.solvovir.co.uk