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SimplyChanged.Me Specialist Hypnotherapy

In the spring of 2011 Stella Hutson approached us seeking guidance and advice on how to create a successful business. At the time Stella was a Teacher, though a fully qualified Hypnotherapist also. Her desire was to concentrate on becoming a full time Hypnotherapist, but how should she do this?

Our first step was to define for Stella what success looked like. Secondly we worked together on what it was she was selling and to whom was she selling it. By using applied psychological techniques, with which Stella was familiar, she was able to gain an intuitive understanding of:

  • Who her potential customers were
  • What they were seeking from her
  • How she could engage with them most effectively

Armed with this knowledge Stella was able to redesign her website to ensure that it had the maximum appeal to her target audience and launched her business. Over the past few months Stella has grown her business sufficiently to the point where, in the summer of 2011, she felt confident that she could earn more income as a full time Hypnotherapist than she was currently doing and she committed to this role exclusively.

Since Stella made this decision her business has continued to grow and flourish. Selling Success continues to advise Stella on ways to further increase her sales and market awareness but Stella is now proactive in this process, as she has grown in confidence and knowledge, acquiring a great deal of business skills and understanding.

“I found the process to be comfortable and non directive, allowing me to develop skills,knowledge and understanding at my own pace, whilst always helping me to consider options and ways forward -and to clarify my goals and objectives .

To say that the input especially to my website and marketing strategies has been tremendous is certainly an understatement.”

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