Selling Success Top Recruitment Buzz Blogs for 2013


They seem like they have been with us forever but this month Recruitment Buzz celebrates its first twelve months and the Directors and Associates of Selling Success would like to congratulate Mark Powney and ECOM Digital for producing such an outstanding weekly publication which collates and share all the Recruitment Industry news.


We are also delighted that our two blogs:



Top 5 Recruitment Sectors to be in for the next 5-10 years


Top 4 Recruitment Sectors to AVOID for the next 5-10 years



Are numbers ONE and TWO on Recruitment Buzz’s Top Ten Blogs of the past year.


We are extremely humbled and most grateful to the readers of Recruitment Buzz for their support and interest in our articles which regularly receive tremendous response.


Thank you to Mark and the team and thank you the readers.

We wish Mark and the ECOM Digital Team every success for the coming year and beyond.



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