Each final episode will be 4-6 minutes long. The filming will be an all-day  event and will in general be filmed at two separate locations within the day.

The final episode can be distributed on your website, social media channels. It will also be distributed on Selling Success and REC-Social website and social media channels along with collaborative partner channels and sites.

Please feel free to talk about your company and products when answering questions or giving examples. We will specifically ask you a question at the end of the interview. “How can we find out more about you?” which will be an opportunity to elaborate.

We will discuss example questions and themes. Please have an idea of how you would answer these or what you would like say. Also, if you feel there are questions that you would like us to ask then please let us know ahead of time. We will make sure these are incorporated in the production.

You have full editorial rights, if there is anything that you are unhappy with within the video we will remove it to ensure that it is helping promote your brand as you would like.

Who will be interviewing me?

Ian Knowlson

Ian Knowlson is a Recruitment, NLP & Employment Futurist and a
Sage Business Expert with proven track record of aiding businesses and individuals to achieve and very often exceed their growth ambitions.
Ian has gained a well-earned reputation as a thought leader on
the Future of Work. A firm believer and living proof of the power of
social media Ian is now a recognised Sage Top 100 Influencer.


Founder of REC-Social: a social media management company with
exclusive focus on the Recruitment Industry. San Sunner helps companies create and promote their Employer Brand on numerous social platforms. San is passionate about showcasing the power, heart and incredible talent
that moves within the industry.