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Simplicity – one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced back office and financial services to the recruitment sector and probably one of the most innovative.


During 2012 Selling Success, in association with Dr. Phil Jackson of Training Minds, delivered a completed series of unique in-house training programmes for their staff as part of a programme to meet the company’s five year growth strategy, with a twin focus on customer service and personal development in the fast growing outsourced company.


Their sales team underwent the Selling Success three day Communication Skills for Corporate Selling and have since reported a record sales year. In addition to help enhance their customer service experience, Simplicity – an ISO 9001 compliant company – put their entire back-office team through the INLPTA NLP diploma in Business Communication, with some great results.


Simplicity MD, David Thornhill, commented: “We hired Ian and Phil to train our sales team in the application of NLP in sales and customer service, which gave rise to new sales techniques being used and an increase in business activity. I then wanted to use NLP to enhance our operational staff and customer experience, so each employee underwent the NLP Diploma training. This helped my staff understand other people, communication and also themselves; once again it has also contributed to increasing our customer satisfaction index.


“Our ever-growing customer base and portfolio of services puts added pressure on our people – all of whom bring special skills to the business – and this tailored ‘academy of excellence’ allows us to get to the next level in terms of superior performance. This initiative helps us to not only differentiate ourselves from competitors but importantly enhance and improve the opportunities for each of the valued team members.”

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