Future of Work – Top 10 Reports

Future of Work/Future of Recruitment – Top 10 Reports


In our research we read hundred of reports and blogs each year. It is a dynamic landscape with new reports and interviews with sources out each week but the key reports we recommend reading and on which most of our blogs are based are:

In addition we can’t forget Elon Musk and his Various Interviews on YouTube. You would benefit from at least viewing a couple to gain a more holistic view of the world.

It is not necessary to read every report in full but we recommend at least reading the Exec Summary of some of these reports, though they are regularly quoted in articles and blogs on the Future of Work.

We heavily quote many of these reports and discuss our opinions on them in our two blogs:

Future of Recruitment 2020-2030 – Your Future Starts Today


Future of Recruitment – A Shifting Paradigm for Recruiters


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