Our Clients


Selling Success has worked with a number of clients on a number of scales. Find out how we have transformed both their businesses and their lives.

'Ian has been instrumental in helping create and execute a clear growth plan. By working strategically with senior management and sales teams Ian has acted as a coach, mentor and trainer and has helped us to transform our business' - Steve Moran

'Ian has a collaborative, highly personable and knowledgeable approach. The team benefited from his insight into sales techniques and achieving success. I highly recommend Ian for any recruitment training and team development' - Vicky Heard
'Ian is a great guy. I asked him for some very specific training for the sales team. He put together a bespoke package and took my team through key elements associated with the sales process. The results were fantastic. Each individual took something different away from the sessions. I have no doubt it has contributed towards us having our best year in terms of winning new business' - David Vizard, Sales Director
'Ian has successfully delivered 4 engaging sales team management training courses. Ian has an excellent training style and was consistently engaging and thought provoking with his delivery of market leading material. I’d highly recommend Ian to any sales and recruitment business and look forward to working with him in the future' - Matthew Bachelor
'Ian has given the leadership team real clarity of thought. Through coaching and training he has elevated our leadership team and employees to the next level. As a result, we’ve seen significant uplift in revenue. Ian has helped us create a vision for the business that will see us work towards ‘hyper growth’. Engaging Ian has been a game changer' - Simon Bucknall
'Working with Ian has helped me in three ways. Firstly, he has helped me to look at the different metrics and focus most important areas of my business, improving our results by 25%. Ian has also helped me grow as a person and a leader, equipping me with vital management and business skills. Finally he has been really supportive and I feel I can always turn to him. After our meetings I always feel positive and ready to fight another day' - Cathy Bates
'Ian delivers our future leaders training and coaching and has been integral in developing our next wave who we can build the business around - helping them with motivation techniques, time management, man management and efficiency. His teachings are used daily and inform how we manage our teams. This appointment has been massively successful and I truly believe he is passionate about our success. To have someone of his pedigree supporting us has been invaluable' - James Doyle, MD
'Ian is a fantastic mentor, trainer and coach. I hired him to assist in taking my business to the next level. He has been instrumental in helping me to put a 3-year business plan together and is extremely inspiring as an individual which has helped me develop personally. If you feel you need some direction in implementing growth plans or need some coaching on management skills and personal development, Ian is your man and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough' - Charmaine Kenny, Co-Founder and MD
'It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Ian, who is an excellent business coach and trainer. His wealth of experience has really helped me, my management team and Alpha Recruitment. I would highly recommend Ian’s services to other business owners and managers' - Duncan Manterfield, MD