NLP Diploma in Business Communication

Discover the ability to build better relationships, achieve better goals and take greater control of your work and home life…

Through this externally accredited NLP training you will learn how to…

  • become more aware of the world around you and how it operates
  • become more aware of how you influence your circumstances
  • become better in your relationships with other people
  • take more conscious control of your communication
  • become more confident and effective in your role
  • achieve things that have so far escaped you

So far through this training we have helped teachers, leaders, managers, administrators, nurses, therapists, counsellors, solicitors, head teachers, accountants, social workers, child carers, physiotherapists, coaches, recruitment consultants, commercial directors, financial advisors, retail consultants, hypnotherapists, trainers and more to do what they do more effectively by being more consciously aware of how they communicate and behave toward others and toward themselves.

This NLP Diploma will help you to…

  • Boost your confidence and that of others around you
  • Become a more effective communicator
  • Consciously control stress and relaxation and other emotional states
  • Become more organised and more responsive
  • Improve your rapport building skills
  • Become a better negotiator
  • See future planning from a different perspective
  • Become more open, flexible and adaptable
  • Take control over the meaning of thoughts and your response to situations.
  • Learn how to learn easily

And begin the journey to release your full potential

Training Style

NLP Training includes a mixture of discussion and practice with supporting explanations given when required. Practical exercises are typically done in small groups of 2-4. The exercises are mostly discussion-based and there is no physical exertion involved. The greatest benefit to you personally will come from the extent to which you involve yourself in the exercises. Nobody will be expected to do anything they are uncomfortable with.


This course is assessed. The 4 day NLP Diploma in Business Communication is externally accredited by the International NLP Trainers Association. At Diploma level, certificates are awarded based on continuous assessment, there is no exam or test.


The course is run by Dr Phil Jackson who is an INLPTA registered NLP Trainer who trained with the internationally renowned team headed by Wyatt Woodsmall PhD and including Dr Susie Strang, Tom MacKay of MacKay Solutions, and Ian Ross of Vievolve, amongst others.

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