Sales Coaching & Mentoring

We all learn and acquire knowledge in different ways. Despite having attended our sales training some delegates still have the need for support whilst they embed and further develop these skills.

Sometimes as individuals work with these new found skills they encounter unexpected challenges in applying them. These may be issues with mastering their new found skills or overcoming inhibiting beliefs. This is not unusual.

We are here to help.

Once again all our coaches are trained in applying well practiced Psychological techniques to support and help sales people master their fears and inhibitors to change and embed their new skills.

“Ian is an extremely knowledgeable person with a lateral approach to selling. He introduced me to a sales method that I had not adopted previously.

After several months being mentored and going out on meetings I applied the formula to my existing network and target clients. I went on to become consistently within the top two performers in Hays for two consecutive years before being promoted in to a management role.

The credibility gained from clients was very rewarding and generated repeat business. I used a similar mentoring style and approach to my team who went on to bill regularly.”

Damian Ainge – Senior Business Manager Hays IT –

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