Sales Strategy & Consultancy

How do you develop more business, sell more products/services or improve your margins?

In these challenging times what business has not asked these questions several times.

At Selling Success our business development experts have been answering these questions repeatedly for the last 30 years. Whether the required strategies involve finding new markets for existing products and services or increasing business by selling new products to your existing clients we have the potential solutions and the expertise to implement them.

In addition as we would expect to generate our fees from the increased profit of your business, in the medium to long term, there should be no overall cost to you and your business. We see ourselves very much as your partner and would expect to operate a fee structure with an element of risk and reward.

Our modular approach generally starts by reviewing what products/services you sell and considering whether there are others you should be looking into account. Through working with well practiced psychological techniques we enable you to gain INSIGHT and UNDERSTANDING of your customers; who they are; what are their business challenges and situations and why do they buy what you sell?

On one level our clients generally have some understanding of these three questions but you would be amazed how narrow that understanding usually is. In most sales organisations the focus on increasing sales figures drives sales teams to focus on themselves, on immediate wins and so often short term results.

Ultimately this tends to lead to shallow relationships with little lasting repeat business and limited long term sales growth.

Working with us you and your teams will develop a clearer picture of who your customers are, what really motivates them and what it is that they are truly seeking to buy from you?

Armed with this information and working together we will equip you to:

  • Become an expert in your market
  • Identify your key target clients, the ones that will catapult your sales figures
  • Develop new and compelling sales propositions
  • Devise effective client engagement strategies
  • Deliver sales into new markets, with new products
  • Build long term and lasting relationships that deliver true value to all parties.
  • Secure repeat business

You will quickly see how you can truly create value for your customers which with ultimately lead to stronger client relationships and greater profits.

Where you require it we can educate your sales teams through one of our three  day advanced sales communication training programmes which teach them how to develop long and lasting sales relationships that are mutually beneficial and profitable.

In situations where you are lacking resources we can lead the engagement of your customers acting as the “Sales Lead”, providing you with the benefit of one of our highly experienced associate sales directors, or even Ian our principal business development expert himself.

As we work with you to develop and implement your strategy you will overtime acquire this knowledge for yourself. It is important that you know from the outset that our objective is that ultimately you will be able to achieve all of these results without us. We do not seek to build dependency of you on us but to transfer our knowledge to you and your teams.

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