Turn Ad-hoc clients into lucrative Strategic Partners Programme

3533813_sDo your sales people have a raft of organisations where they work with just one manager or function often struggling to break in to other areas?


Are there a myriad of companies your business could be doing so much more with if only you could reach, connect and engage the right people?


Would solving this issue take you or your business to another level?


If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ then this programme could be the answer.


Selling Success has developed a unique programme which consists of four training days supported by a six month individual one-on-one coaching package for each delegate. The programme is designed to teach sales consultants how to take their existing client relationships to the next level generating significant repeat business with multiple stakeholders.


Ultimately it is expected that these relationships will develop into Strategic Partnerships  delivering mutual profitability and true value to all parties.

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Whilst every one of our customer programmes contain core elements, each one is bespoked to our clients based upon their industry, geographic sales territories, product/services and customers.




These are just some of the topics a typical programme teaches:


  • How to identify your potential lucrative Strategic Partners
  • Who are the other key stakeholders you need to engage and how best to engage them.
  • In what ways and why are key stakeholders different and how this affects the ways you sell to them.
  • How understanding your customers business strategy, operating model and organisation structures enables you to design better propositions
  • The principles of Value Selling and the Selling Success KICS Model which enables you to build true value and avoid discounting
    • KICS Style Client Canvassing & Objection Handling
    • KICS Style Questioning – Know what to say and how to express it.
    • KICS Style Solution design and WIN/WIN negotiating
  • A range of Inter-personal and relationship skills to enable you to build outstanding rapport with multiple stakeholders.
  • Why clients stop buying from you and Does Bullsh*t Work!
  • Techniques to gain an insight into your clients business mind and know what they truly value
  • How to secure, prepare, present and run a KICS style client meeting to leverage the sale.
  • Building Strategic Partnerships and Account Management Strategies for the long term


As part of the programme your sales consultants will work on between 5-10 clients as we teach and coach them these new sales and relationship skills and techniques. Our trainers will advise and support them in identifying these clients as part of day one of the programme and help them as they progress them through the sales pipeline.


Sales Consultants will be expected to apply the learning between training days working through a number of activities on each of their chosen 5-10 clients.


Besides the new skills and training your team will acquire, they will have first hand access to the 30+ years knowledge and expertise our trainers have in opening up similar accounts. As the saying goes, our trainers have:


‘Been there, seen it and got the T-shirt’


At the end of our programme thats what you can expect your sales teams to boast they have achieved too.



If you are interested in running one of these programmes for your organisation them please email [email protected]  or phone us on 0370 8790 105 








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