Advanced Communication Skills for Corporate Selling

This course builds on and develops further the skills and techniques taught on the entry level course to create mastery in their application and greater value from the sales consultants interactions.


Skills are taught at a higher level to reveal finer and finer distinctions to be utilised in creating valuable relationships and developing existing relationships further than currently possible.

Additional material includes:

Advanced and refined application of entry level techniques
Deeper use of language patterns and questioning approaches
Revealing client deep-structures
Getting to solution-based conversations
Creating new business
Dealing with difficult clients

Who for:

This course will be highly valuable for sales person’s with at least 2 years sales experience and a basic understanding of the entry level skills wishing to develop advanced techniques for relationship development to generate:

  • Further increased value
  • More and different new relationships
  • Increased repeat business
  • Large and longer term contracts
  • And advanced skills for developing new and bespoke sales solutions.


4 days (3 days if entry level course completed)

Price per delegate: £1200 (or £900 for 3 days)

Courses can be delivered in house for up to 12 delegates for Entry Level: £6000 and Advanced Level £8000 (£6000 for 3 days)

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