An Introduction to Business to Business Selling

Improve your selling techniques

The course is a brief introduction to the ‘Art of Selling’ and in no way is it designed to turn you into sales people in one day.

The objective is to demystify the topic, teach you new skills, and encourage you to feel confident that you could sell and represent your individual business effectively and professionally.

Course Content

  • Ways people communicate
  • The sales funnel and managing cold call rejections
  • What are you really selling?
  • How you determine what your product/service is worth
  • What is value and the right price for your product?
  • Various methods of selling and an easy to follow conversational selling model
  • Effective business communication and how to negotiate a WIN/WIN solution
  • Building rapport
  • Social media and how it can support your business

It is a fun and highly interactive course that will make you look and feel differently about selling.

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