Sales Skills for Corporate Selling

When it comes to selling to corporate or public sector client’s most sales people fail. Invariably they come across as aggressive and opportunistic as well as failing to differentiate themselves or demonstrate to corporate buying teams the value of their solutions.


Corporate Selling requires sales teams to understand the organisation they are selling to and the differing views or perspectives of the various stakeholders. 



This course reveals and teaches the fundamentals behind how people communicate in effective sales relationships to make them more profitable by delivering true value for both parties.


Productive business-to-business sales performance is based on solid understanding and trust.  Most people know this.  Delegates learn to achieve this on the course by using a ‘Value-based’ Sales approach as opposed to traditional the ‘Features and Needs’ Model as well as using well-defined sales processes and pipeline management.   This course will also teach how sales consultants can work smarter and improve conversion ratios throughout the sales pipeline by developing professional relationships and achieving win-win solutions that deliver true value..

This course is different to many others in that it teaches how to build genuine business relationships.  Many sales consultants allow their eagerness to close a deal lead them towards transactional-type sales behaviours, which focus on short-term results.  Relationship selling takes a little longer to implement and if done correctly has long-term value and benefits to all concerned.

Designed to teach practical skills in a high-energy interactive style, the course combines relational sales processes with communication skills based on reliable psychological principles and techniques derived from NLP.

The course includes techniques for:

  • Relational selling and sales processes
  • Creating new relationships
  • Closing deals
  • Accessing and controlling your state of mind
  • Adapting personality traits
  • Setting and getting outcomes
  • Win-Win negotiating
  • Removing your inner blocks and releasing your potential
  • Motivation
  • Relaxation
  • Getting deep insights into others
  • Advanced Rapport
  • Linguistic patterns
  • Introduction to Language Models
  • Decision Strategies

Who for:

This course will be highly valuable for anyone with basic sales experience wishing to advance their client relationship and sales communication skills to generate:

  • Increased value
  • New relationships
  • Increased repeat business
  • Larger and longer term contracts
  • And begin to develop the skills to explore new and bespoke sales solutions

Course duration:

3 days, Price per delegate: £900

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