Selling for Procurement Professionals

Have you ever come away from interacting with a sales person feeling you were being controlled, manipulated or sadly exploited. It is undeniable that there are some sales people out there who employ some dubious practices which makes working with them fraught with challenges and sometimes emotionally draining.


In the main most of the sales people you engage with are merely trying to do their job and you might find that other factors can account for your experiences.


Selling Success are experts in Relationship Selling and use well practiced psychological techniques to help both buyers and sellers understand each other better.

We teach new and empowering skills that enable you to build and maintain rapport, to know and understand what your suppliers are truly seeking and enable you to build relationships based on trust and a mutual understanding that truly creates value.


The Selling for Procurement Professionals course is designed to help you understand the psychology of sales and sales people. We examine several of the personality differences which may account for some of these issues as well as giving you a knowledge and understanding of why sales people behaviour in certain ways and what they might be seeking to achieve.


The course was developed in association with the Improvement & Efficiency West Midlands (IEWMPartnership but is available as an in-house course to any business, organisation or group seeking to better understand their suppliers behaviours and actions..


The course is an interactive full day covering the thinking and perceptions of suppliers within the marketplace in relation to the management of contractual arrangements, whilst balancing the ever changing needs of the customer (public sector and Not for Profit organisations) and the wider community they serve.


Delegates will be invited to participate in both supplier re-engagement and negotiation exercises.



During the day we cover the following areas:


* The Procurement & Sales Dance – Buyers and Sales People Behaviour

* Various Sales Techniques and Models

* Ethics & Values in the context of Suppliers and Profit

* Supplier Relationship Building

* Supplier Operating Models including Scenario modelling

* Ten Sales Techniques to Fool You


Selling Success have now run a couple of these events which have been well attended and hugely successful.


‘Great overview of sales peoples psychology, lots to think about’ – Paul.


‘Excellent Day, Very useful and informative’ – Dave.


‘All explained extremely well with good examples. Excellent presentation with good knowledge’ – Gillian


For more information regarding this course please contact Ian Knowlson 07552 555858

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