Social Media Training – Engaging your future customers and employees

For the last 25 years the world of work has been dominated by the ‘Baby-boomer’ generation (those born 1946-1964). Over the next 2-3 years this is about to change as the Millennial generation (those born 1982-2000) become the dominant generation in the workplace. Although taken from US labour statistics the figures below clearly illustrate this point.


Millennials are different. They think differently, you engage them differently but most importantly of all they communicate differently using Social Media in preference to email.


This poses numerous challenges for the ‘Baby-boomers and ‘Generation-X’ (b1965-1979) leaders and business owners amongst us as the ‘Milliennials’ increasingly become the decision-makers in our businesses and clients businesses for without a clear social media strategy today’s successful businesses will cease to exist within 5-10 years.  Erik Qualmann of Socialnomics even goes as far as to predict that in 10 years 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer exist.


Innovo LogoWorking closely with our clients Innovo Learning and Development, Selling Success has developed and delivered an exciting and extremely thought provoking one day workshop specifically for ‘Baby-boomer’ and ‘Generation-x’ business leaders and owners that enables them to understand the new Social Media world.


On the course we cover:

  • Why engaging in Social Media is essential for all future businesses
  • What are the various platforms and what they are most effective for.
  • How to use these platforms to:
    • Connect and engage customers, employees and suppliers
    • Attract a wider audience for your products and services
    • Provide an extension to your sales pipeline
    • Create interest in your website and generate sales
  • How to employ tricks of the trade to make the effort required to manage these media as minimal as possible.


Delegates come away with a real action list of activities that enable them to start to develop their own social media strategy which they can implement in a mere couple of hours a week outside core business hours. It does not need to take over your life.


This is what Geetu Bharwaney, MD of Ei World, says about the first event attended by her and 4 of her staff:


The recent Innovo L&D Social Media event was an eye-opener into a different ‘universe’ and one that every serious business person needs to understand in order to make businesses relevant to different generations of clients. Social Media has to be part of our sales strategy both individually as L&D partners and collectively as the Innovo L&D Network.


Spending a day with Ian and hearing his stories, of social media in action, is enough to help you to take the first steps. Ian is so far ahead of the curve compared to others like me in his ‘generation’ of people slow to embrace new ways to connect.  All 5 of us in our team had different levels of skill and awareness of social media. We all came away with new learnings that we could put into action right away. This is definitely a MUST DO for every Innovo L&D partner. Put it on your list of priorities and don’t overloook this opportunity. I have been to other sessions on social media, this one delivered on its promise. For the first time, I have walked away with a clear ‘to do list’ of what to give priority to, and what to leave to one side as a gimmick. Thank you to those who organised the day.


If you are interested in hosting one of these events yourself or attending our next open course then please contact:


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