Specialist Recruitment

Are you seeking to recruit the brightest and most capable professionals in Sales, Business Development, Information Technology, Telecoms or Finance?

If so our highly experienced team of recruiters, each with over 25 years in the recruitment industry, use a recruitment methodology that has been tried and tested on hundreds of assignments that deliver 90-95% success rates. They have employed this methodology to deliver some of the largest and most complex pieces of business critical recruitment ever undertaken in both the public and private sectors.

Our recruitment methodology ensures we only employ the most effective candidate attraction techniques for each assignment. These candidate attraction techniques include:

  • On-line Multi-site web Advertising
  • Recruitment Websites
  • Pay-per-Click solutions
  • Executive Search
  • The latest Social Media strategies
  • Networking

To ensure only the most relevant candidates are seen by you we:

  • Employ objective Behavioural & Technical Competency based candidate screening pro-forma.
  • Utilise on-line Campaign Tracking software which also handles all diversity screening.
  • A Detailed project plan
  • Psychometric Testing (where appropriate)

By employing a blended methodology of only the most appropriate solutions we ensure your vacancy is considered by the most relevant active and passive job seekers in the market whilst at the same time your personal involvement is kept to a minimal.

If you seek a “run of the mill”, IT developer, purchase ledger clerk or even a junior account manager then perhaps our service is not right for you. If however you are seeking someone who is extremely unique or even a team of high perforating upper quartile professionals then we can almost certainly help.

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