Ian Knowlson named in Top 100 Global Business Influencers by Sage UK

Sage UK recently announced their Top 100 Global Influencers “that highlights those individuals whose commentary and social influence help to drive ideas and change within the small business sector.”

Selling Success’s, Co-Founder Ian Knowlson, has been listed at number 50 based upon Ian’s Social Media presence.

Sage UK argue “These individuals are both knowledgeable and, often, highly influential within the SME sector. Their views help to inform the decisions of thousands of business owners across the globe.”

The Top 100 list is based on three key metrics sourced from Twitter data:

  • Impressions: how many times their posts appeared in social streams.
  • Relevance: how closely the influencer is associated with an agreed list of keywords.
  • Resonance: the number of engagements the influencer’s posts receive.
  • Reach: the number of people the influencer’s posts reach.

Ian’s resonance was 6.32, his reach was 18,684 and his relevance 494.

Commenting upon the announcement Ian said “It is quite humbling to think that my passion for writing and sharing articles, blogs and information on the UK Recruitment Industry, leadership, the skills gaps and the future of the world of work  across our various social media platforms has been recognised publicly by a business as prestigious as Sage UK. I feel very honoured and look forward to attending the “Influence the Future of Business – Networking Event” at the Shard in November where I hope to meet the other 99 members of the Top 100.