Transforming Business – Case Study

Transforming Business – Case Study

At the Selling Success we believe passionately in helping our clients grow through the development of their leadership teams and their staff.

We have a wealth of experience in achieving this working with recruitment business owners the length and breadth of the UK and Europe, across a multitude of sectors from IT, Technology to professional services like legal, HR accounting and finance to education, engineering and the public sector.

Whether it is in temporary, permanent contract or freelance recruitment have worked and delivered growth rates between 30-300% year on year. Take Alpha Recruitment…


Alpha Recruitment – Sheffield

Selling Success started working with Alpha Recruitment in Sheffield in 2013. At the time the business had an MD and two staff, turned over £1.2m per annum and operated in the logistics, industrial and construction sectors and were operating out of one room in a rented office. The MD was personally responsible for 80% of the business and was very much working “in the business”.

Over the past 4 years Alpha have grown 600%. The business is currently projecting a turnover well in excess of £7m, has seen a huge increase in the profitability of the business it writes (Gross Margins up 300%) and the MD personally has no day-to-day client responsibility for placing workers or managing requirements instead he now has a team of highly skilled and competent recruiters.

Alpha Recruitment now operate from a brand new purpose built office owned by the Directors; they employ ten staff and have significant expansion plans. The MD spends 80% of his time working “On his business” managing and developing staff.

In addition the business have successfully developed a training and development programme that sees new recruits (with no previous recruitment experience) achieve profitability inside 3-4 months of joining.

The business has new operating models, metrics for managing performance, consultant day plans, daily and weekly reporting, new profitability measures.

With the support of the Selling Success Coaching and Mentoring Service the business has exceeded its three-year vision set in 2013 and recently produced a new 2020 plan to take them on to the end of the decade.

 Your Business too…

Selling Success are currently working with many other businesses all achieving similar levels of growth and success as Alpha Recruitment. We would be delighted to speak to you too about ways we can improve your business performance and growth.


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